Don't Wait - Time Is Short - This Is A Time of Danger To Israel

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Dear citizen,

25 million Lira – this is the minimal sum to acquire vital arms to empower IDF.

Till now only two fifths were raised – in cash and in pledges . We need 15 million more, this month.

We have witnessed wonderful expressions of generosity.

The nation's gratitude goes to every man and woman, to the old and the disabled, to youngsters and children, who have given all their money – a sacrifice.

But this is not enough.

Every one who has not fulfilled his duty, should do it NOW, and fully.

The laborer and the employee – at least the equivalent of a working week.

The self-employed – whatever will be imposed on him by the Public Committee.

Don't wait. Time is short. This is time of danger to Israel.

The Public Committee of the Defense Fund







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