Jerusalem Despair Syndrome

Translation/Interpretation/Caption Text: 

Hebrew translation:

(text in branches)

Cactus 9 (name of the venue) Sunday December 7,  4 Shushan St., 9 PM

(large text at bottom)

Jerusalem (Despair) Syndrome

(name of comedy troupe)
A Stand-Up Comedy Show in the Capital
(small text at bottom left/performers)

Yotam Hershkovitz 
Zvia Margaliot
Ben Levkowitz
Yotam Refaeli
Hagar Arluk

Translator's note: The title of this poster/troupe is a play on words. "Yerushalaim" is the Hebrew transliteration into English of "Jerusalem". The title is "The Jerusalem Syndrome" but by changing one letter - reish in Yerushalaim to an alef, rendering it yeushalaim - the word Jerusalem morphs into the word "yeush", which means despair
From the Facebook page:
East Jerusalem is on fire, people fear walking the streets, fear taking the train, looking behind them every step of the way
The government only condemns it through petty political games but offers no solutions
The citizens do not see the end and keep wondering how much more despair there will be
And in other news, we're putting on a stand-up show. Five locals speaking nonsense in a city that takes itself all too seriously


Curator's note: This poster incorporates a reference - the three people in the foreground - from  Manet's "Le Déjeuner Sur L’herbe"

It is a remix of "Visit Palestine" - it has reversed the tree's orientation and incorporated many new and controversial elements of Jerusalem's skyline - the Apartheid Wall, the Zionists-only light railway, the controversial wooden ramp (since removed) to the Dome of the Rock plaza, the Jewish-only male/female segregation areas at the Wailing Wall and the (projected) near-total urbanization of the area surrounding the Dome of the Rock - the Haram al-Sharif, among others. 


Translation courtesy of Noga Malkin