Let Us Send Medical Supplies To Beirut Immediately!

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Japanese translation:

(large white text at top)

Let us send medical supplies to Beirut immediately!

(bulleted items)

● Stop the invasion into Lebanon immediately - immediate withdrawal

● Renounce the policy of annexation and expansion

● Put an end to the oppression of the Palestinians in all the Occupied Territories

● Change the idea that crushing the PLO is the way to solve the Middle East problem

(text at bottom)

Citizens Forum Seeking Peace in the Middle East

Office (Secretarat) ● c/o Mizukazu Shiboh  1-44-11 Hatsudai, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151

Fund for Sending Medical Supplies to Beirut: Sumitomo Bank - (Prof.) Yuzo Itagaki


Translation courtesy of Misako Nagasawa