London Tube Subvertisment Campaign - London Palestine Action (2016) 2

Translation/Interpretation/Caption Text: 

London Palestine Action activists issued this full statement detailing references for all the facts stated on the posters:

London Tube Subvertisment: The campaign was done by activists from London Palestine Action (LPA) for the launch of the Israeli Apartheid Week 2016. Approximately 150 posters were neatly placed on top of adverts already located in the tube carriages. The reasoning behind the action was not only to promote the start of the Israeli Apartheid Week but also to counterattack Western media’s silence over the situation in Palestine. As public bodies, local councils and student unions are threatened to be banned by law from boycotting “unethical” companies, Israeli Apartheid Week and similar collective actions are more crucial and relevant than ever. The subvertisments cover four issues:

  • The BBC repeatedly sacrificing the truth on the altar of their pro-Israeli bias
  • The infamous British security company, G4S, helping in the imprisonment and abuse of thousands of Palestinians, including hundreds of children
  • The UK – Israeli arms trade resulting in massacres of Palestinians, but also greasing the cogs of the Israeli apartheid machine
  • The destruction of Palestinian homes becoming a means of routine collective punishment under the Israeli occupation