Mapai Is Building - Mapam and Ahdut Ha-Avoda Are Serving the Mortar

Translation/Interpretation/Caption Text: 

Hebrew translation:

Mapai is building - Mapam and Ahdut Ha-Avoda are serving the mortar

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Wages freeze; price hikes; taxation; low wages; loan

Curator's note: In this graphic Ze'ev Sherf (Mapai Party) is loading bricks onto the back of the worker

Yaari (Mapam Party) and Galili (Ahdut Ha-Avoda Party) are holding up a sign that reads: "We oppose" and in the other hand holding a tray of mortar. This poster is Maki's effort to show that these three parties are hypocritical and that only Maki (Israel Communist Party) can be trusted to look out for the workers