No Peace Without Return

Translation/Interpretation/Caption Text: 

Arabic translation:

Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine

No peace without the return of refugees and emigrants*

No peace in the shadow of settlements

The basis of national unity is adherence to the national platform

People's unity is sacred

Democracy means pluralism and freedom of expression/views

The 22nd of Shubāṭ (February) is a new dawn in the history of the people

For the unified effort to create democratic freedoms

No peace as long as our prisoners are behind bars

The goal of our people is independence and return and not limited self-rule

Curator's note:

*According to Dr. Rochelle A. Davis, "Al laji'een" (Arabic: refugees) is the term Palestinians use for Palestinians who were displaced in 1948

"Al naziheen" (Arabic: emigrants) is the term for those Palestinians who were displaced in 1967.