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As authentic as the heavily-embroidered thawb she wears whilst performing live… British Born Palestinian Shadia Mansour has independently become one of the leading female Arabian MC’s worldwide. Her natural and flawless ability to switch between rapping and singing is rapidly becoming a cultural phenomenon. Shadia delivers her taunting voice, both mournful and mesmerizing, over Arabic Phrases of loss, longing, struggle and life.

Yassin Alsalman, better known by his stage name The Narcicyst (or Narcy), is an Iraqi journalist and Hip Hop MC. Originally from Basra, he was born and raised in Dubai. Now settled in Montreal, Canada. He began his career as part of a Hip Hop trio called Euphrates, along with Nawar and Nawaf Al-Rufaie.

Algonquin hip-hop artist Samian raps about the realities of life on First Nations reserves in Quebec and has a growing following on reserves and in Quebec’s cities, also striking a chord in hip-hop communities everywhere. Samian raps on indigenous people in Quebec, whose chart-topping hit La Paix des Braves, a duet with Quebec hip-hop crew Loco Locass, appeals for solidarity between Québécois and indigenous people.








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