Trump and Jerusalem


Following a complaint from Campaign Against Antisemitism to University College London (UCL), UCL has instructed its security team to remove the extremely disturbing posters found around campus depicting the United States trying to restrain a bloodthirsty giant dog emblazoned with a Star of David, eating a smaller animal with the Palestinian flag painted on it.

UCL members of staff and students contacted Campaign Against Antisemitism about the posters and we wrote to the UCL administration within hours, calling for a disciplinary investigation. This highly-offensive and inappropriate poster was being used to promote a talk last night that was originally to be hosted by UCL Friends of Palestine Society and UCL Marxist Society on “Trump and Jerusalem: How to stop Imperialism.” UCL Friends of Palestine Society, however, pulled out as a host following publicity around the controversial posters, leaving UCL Marxist Society alone to run the event. Approximately fifteen people were in attendance.

In a response to a letter from Campaign Against Antisemitism, UCL said: “We immediately asked Security to remove copies of [the poster] and asked the Union to investigate who was responsible.”

UCL also made efforts to publicly condemn the incident on Twitter and Facebook, responding underneath our article link on both platforms. Their statement said that: “UCL condemns antisemitism in any form and without reservation. The poster is deeply offensive and inflammatory. The person responsible for it has withdrawn it and accepts that it was inappropriate and not a reflection of what is being discussed at the meetings it was advertising.”

Communication is ongoing and we have asked for UCL to confirm its timeframe for deciding whether to take disciplinary action.

The event was part of the so-called “Al-Aqsa Week”, an initiative at UCL which involves events from UCL Friends of Palestine, UCL Islamic Society and UCL Marxist Society. Other talks in the series include one tonight called “US Embassy in Jerusalem: What’s the big deal?” and another tomorrow called “Winning and losing Jerusalem.”

Campaign Against Antisemitism commends UCL for its transparency in dealing with the incident and the steps they are taking to prevent this happening again. We thank them for their strong and public condemnation of the inflammatory poster and the support they have shown to Jewish students on campus. We expect to see appropriate disciplinary action taken against the individual responsible for the posters.