Work Provides Us With Food, Dignity and Freedom

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Hebrew translation:

Work provides us with food, dignity and freedom - Herzl

Curator's note: Yoram Shamir, son of the late Gabriel Shamir and nephew of the late Maxim Shamir, noticed that only half of this poster, the part with the text, was featured. Yoram knew that the other half was located in the Gabriel and Maxim Shamir Collection at the Zionist Central Archive and he secured a copy for the PPPA.

Yoram reports that since 2006 he has located hundreds of works - ads, posters, stamps etc. - designed by the Shamir brothers, that all have been Photoshoped and which are now in the digital archive of Shenkar institute of Graphics in Israel.

He also reports that the the Zionist Central Archive has the largest public collection - 150 works - of the Shamir brothers (110 of which he donated).

The second largest public archives of Shamir works is at the Lavon Institute. He also says that there may be a collection of Shamir posters at Harvard University.