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Name First name Last name
Rafic Saab Rafic Saab
Anat Saacks Anat Saacks
Sabina Saad Sabina Saad
Lee Saad Lee Saad
Basma Saadah Basma Saadah
Ayman Saadah Ayman Saadah
Mazen Saadeh Mazen Saadeh
Shuruk Saádi Shuruk Saádi
Friedman Saar Friedman Saar
Saatchi and Saatchi Advertising Saatchi and Saatchi Advertising
Lina Sabah Lina Sabah
Adel Sabaneh Adel Sabaneh
Mohammed Sabaneh Mohammed Sabaneh
Steve Sabella Steve Sabella
Touraj Saberivand Touraj Saberivand
Maha Saca Maha Saca
Joe Sacco Joe Sacco
Meir Sadan Meir Sadan
E. Sadiqa E. Sadiqa
Michal Sadovnik Michal Sadovnik
Mohammed Safi Mohammed Safi
Waleed Safi Waleed Safi
Yuval Safra Yuval Safra
Hania Safri Hania Safri
Guy Saggee Guy Saggee
Gideon Sagi Gideon Sagi
Tali Sagi Tali Sagi
Aytur Şahinbay Aytur Şahinbay
Nuzha Said Nuzha Said
Nadin Saidani Nadin Saidani
Miguel Angel Sainero Miguel Angel Sainero
Mohammed Salah Mohammed Salah
Khalil Salam Khalil Salam
Nada Salama Nada Salama
Samir Salameh Samir Salameh
Chadi Salamoun Chadi Salamoun
Carlos (Caco) Salazar Carlos (Caco) Salazar
Nasr Saleh Nasr Saleh
Aber Saleh Aber Saleh
Halima Saleh Halima Saleh
Marwan Salfiti Marwan Salfiti
Merav Salomon Merav Salomon
Issam Salsa Issam Salsa
Ghassan Salsaa Ghassan Salsaa
Martin Samaan Martin Samaan
Rana Samara Rana Samara
Sharif Samhan Sharif Samhan
Sami Sami Sami
Mahasa Sananazad Mahasa Sananazad
Jos Sances Jos Sances
Willem Sandberg Willem Sandberg
Abdu Sandeed Abdu Sandeed
Amitai Sandy Amitai Sandy
Zareh Sanoian Zareh Sanoian
Larissa Sansour Larissa Sansour
Santiago Santiago
Maram Saqer Maram Saqer
Leena Saraste Leena Saraste
Ghasoub Sarhan Ghasoub Sarhan
Shareef Sarhan Shareef Sarhan
Eric Sarner Eric Sarner
Toshio Satoh Toshio Satoh
Mona Saudi Mona Saudi
Roger Sawaya Roger Sawaya
Linda Dalal Sawaya Linda Dalal Sawaya
Arnold Sawyer Arnold Sawyer
Say - Brand Strategy and Expression Say - Brand Strategy and Expression Say - Brand Strategy and Expression
Bijan Sayfouri Bijan Sayfouri
Michelle Sayles Michelle Sayles
Stelio Scamanga Stelio Scamanga
Daniele Scandolo Daniele Scandolo
Gerald Scarfe Gerald Scarfe
Josef Scharl Josef Scharl
Françoise Schein Françoise Schein
Michal Scheiner Michal Scheiner
Paula Scher Paula Scher
Alexander Schiel Alexander Schiel
Liora Schirer Liora Schirer
Elaine Schlackman Elaine Schlackman
Schlesinger Schlesinger
Ruth Schloss Ruth Schloss
David Schneur David Schneur
Genia Schor Genia Schor
Terry Schreuer Terry Schreuer
Nicole Schulman Nicole Schulman
Emil Schulthess Emil Schulthess
Arlen Schumer Arlen Schumer
Ora Schwartz Ora Schwartz
Eliyahu Schwartz Eliyahu Schwartz
P. Schwartz P. Schwartz
Joseph Schweig Joseph Schweig
Hans (Mjolnir) Schweitzer Hans (Mjolnir) Schweitzer
L. Schwerin L. Schwerin
Christopher Scott Christopher Scott
Filippo Scozzari Filippo Scozzari
Eyal Segal Eyal Segal
Z. Segal Z. Segal
Ido Segel Ido Segel
Narkis Segev Narkis Segev
Ariella Seidenberg Ariella Seidenberg
Shmolik Sela Shmolik Sela
Orijit Sen Orijit Sen
Meera Sethi Meera Sethi
Karen Setnor Karen Setnor
Seveli Seveli
Anwar Sha'abneh Anwar Sha'abneh
Pinchas (Szwarc) Shaar Pinchas (Szwarc) Shaar
Munir Shaarani Munir Shaarani
Mariam Shaath Mariam Shaath
Ran Shacked Ran Shacked
Rinee Shah Rinee Shah
Sara Shahabi Sara Shahabi
Ariafir Shahariar Ariafir Shahariar
Ayham Shaharour Ayham Shaharour
Ali Naif Shaharour Ali Naif Shaharour
Asem Shahed Asem Shahed
Mohammed Shaheen Mohammed Shaheen
Orian Shahom Orian Shahom
Ilham Shahrour Ilham Shahrour
Haidar Shahrour Haidar Shahrour
Shafiq Shaia Shafiq Shaia
Shirli Shaked Shirli Shaked
Masoud Shakeri Masoud Shakeri
Gila Shakhine Gila Shakhine
Issam Abu Shakra Issam Abu Shakra
Mohammed Shakshak Mohammed Shakshak
Abdel Hadi Shala Abdel Hadi Shala
Omar Shala Omar Shala
Majed Shala Majed Shala
Tal Shaldovsky Tal Shaldovsky
Ghazi Shamali Ghazi Shamali
Ahmed J. Shameia Ahmed J. Shameia
Salma Shamel Salma Shamel
Shami Shami
Shamir Brothers Shamir Brothers
Haysam Shamlouni Haysam Shamlouni
Jamil Shammout Jamil Shammout
Omar Shammout Omar Shammout
Ismail Shammout (1930-2006) Ismail Shammout (1931-2006)
Hanan Shapir Hanan Shapir
Michal Shapira Michal Shapira
Hatem Shaqfa Hatem Shaqfa
Nayif Shaqur Nayif Shaqur
Ofer Sharaabi Ofer Sharaabi
Rafeik Sharaf Rafeik Sharaf
Hani Sharaf Hani Sharaf
Taysir Sharaf Taysir Sharaf
Sharbaji Sharbaji
sharpiemark sharpiemark sharpiemark
Eldad Shaw Eldad Shaw
John Shayne John Shayne
Ahmad Shebrin Ahmad Shebrin
Shefet Advertising (Israel) Shefet Advertising (Israel)
Yasser Shehab Yasser Shehab
Firas Shehadeh Firas Shehadeh
Khair Allah Sheik Saleem Khair Allah Sheik Saleem
Mohammad Saber Sheikh Rezaei Mohammad Saber Sheikh Rezaei
Mohammed Sheikh Rudai Mohammed Sheikh Rudai
Shemer Shemer
Hedva Shemesh Hedva Shemesh
Tomer Shemi Tomer Shemi
Ran Shenberger Ran Shenberger
Alma Sheppard-Matsuo Alma Sheppard-Matsuo
Joseph Sher Joseph Sher
Lisa Sher Lisa Sher
Mohammed Sherbibi Mohammed Sherbibi
B. Sherkinger B. Sherkinger
Hedva Shertzer Hedva Shertzer
Robert Shetterly Robert Shetterly
Hussain Shiaking Hussain Shiaking
Rashad Shiblaq Rashad Shiblaq
Hossam Shibly Hossam Shibly
Shifrin Shifrin
Dennis Shifrin Dennis Shifrin
Waleed Shihab Waleed Shihab
Fiad Shihabi Fiad Shihabi
Shimon Shimon
Or Shimonov Or Shimonov
Ziona Shimshi Ziona Shimshi
Yaron "Jewboy" Shin (Attributed) Yaron Shin
Yael Shinkar Yael Shinkar
Lena Shinkov Lena Shinkov
Simha Shirman Simha Shirman
Ghobad Shiva Ghobad Shiva
Gal Shkedi Gal Shkedi
Shilgi Shnibleg Shilgi Shnibleg
Dina Shoham Dina Shoham
Nati Shohat Nati Shohat
Amer Shomali Amer Shomali
Alberr Shomaly Alberr Shomaly
Keren Shplisher Keren Shplisher
Neven Shtayeh Neven Shtayeh
P. Shtayer P. Shtayer
Hayim Shtayer Hayim Shtayer
Al Muhandis Shukri Al Muhandis Shukri
Lee Shwartz Lee Shwartz
Rudolph Sidner Rudolph Sidner
Daniel Sieradski Daniel Sieradski
Eliyahu Sigard Eliyahu Sigard
Judith Sikman Judith Sikman
Sarah Sills Sarah Sills
Richard Silverstein Richard Silverstein
Osama Silwadi Osama Silwadi
Jad Siman Jad Siman
Simbenia Simbenia
Elad Simhyov Elad Simhyov
Elly Simmons Elly Simmons
Yohanan Simon (1905-1976) Yohanan Simon
Mario Simoni Mario Simoni
Bonnie Simpson Bonnie Simpson
Cat Sims Cat Sims
Eliezer Sini Eliezer Sini
Dimitri Sinitsky Dimitri Sinitsky
Bashir Sinwar Bashir Sinwar
Evelyne Siran Evelyne Siran
Mardia Sirmashki Mardia Sirmashki
Fayez Sirsawy Fayez Sirsawy
Ziva Sivan Ziva Sivan
Hallvard Skauge Hallvard Skauge
Ahmad Sleet Ahmad Sleet
Farah Sleiman Farah Sleiman
Morgan Smail Morgan Smail
Layla Smaili Layla Smaili
Lev Moiseevich Smekhov Lev Moiseevich Smekhov
Timothy Lee Smith Timothy Lee Smith
Duncan Smith Duncan Smith
Huda Smitshuijzen AbiFarès Huda Smitshuijzen AbiFarès
Avraham Sne-Or Avraham Sne-Or
Dennis Sobeh Dennis Sobeh
Lena Sobeh Lena Sobeh
Lanny Sommese Lanny Sommese
Adina Sompolinski Adina Sompolinski
Sonrieaka79 Sonrieaka79
Sorbo Sorbo
Granate Sosnoff Granate Sosnoff
Nasser Soumi Nasser Soumi
Porter Speakman, Jr. Porter Speakman, Jr.
Beatrice Spiegal Beatrice Spiegal
Kevin Squires Kevin Squires
Samir Srouji Samir Srouji
J. Staber J. Staber
Hans Stalüter Hans Stalüter
Starmer Starmer
Christopher Statton Christopher Statton
Ralph Steadman Ralph Steadman
Modest Stein Modest Stein
Jacob Steinhardt Jacob Steinhardt
Tilemann Stella Tilemann Stella
Adl Stern Adl Stern
Friedl Stern Friedl Stern
Stern Stern
Sterning Sterning
W. A. Stewart W. A. Stewart
Mark Stinson Mark Stinson
Stix Stix Stix
Adlai Stock Adlai Stock
Celia Stoker Celia Stoker
Rachel Stomel Rachel Stomel
Lee Stone Lee Stone
Ruti Stopnitzki Ruti Stopnitzki
Peter van Straaten (1935-2016) Peter Straaten
Yeheskel Streichman Yeheskel Streichman
N. Strekalovsky N. Strekalovsky
Reijo Kalevi Ström (1940 - 2010) Reijo Kalevi Ström (1940 - 2010)
Hermann Struck Hermann Struck
Studio Billhardt Studio Billhardt Studio Billhardt
Studio Sabi Studio Sabi
Ahmad Subaih Ahmad Subaih
Samia Subaih Samia Subaih
Michal Sudaey Michal Sudaey
Kohei Sugiura Kohei Sugiura
Rfida Suhwail Rfida Suhwail
Wafa Sultana Wafa Sultana
Ghalib Sumrayn Ghalib Sumrayn
Ramzi Sumrayn Ramzi Sumrayn
Leon Sun Leon Sun
Tarcisius Sutanto Tarcisius Sutanto
Richard Suthchins Richard Suthchins
Shireen Suudi Shireen Suudi
Suzanne Suzanne Suzanne
Olle Svensson Olle Svensson
Vadim Sverdiov Vadim Sverdiov
Swoboda Swoboda
Joanna Synowiec Joanna Synowiec
Syrian People Know Their Way Collective Syrian People Know Their Way Collective Syrian People Know Their Way Collective
Arthur Szyk Arthur Szyk