25th Anniversary of Fatah - 5

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Curator's note: This poster and all the others in this Special Collection are referred to by Palestinians as the "lost Polish exhibit". There is an apocryphal story about this exhibit; it was thought to have been lost when the PLO left Tunis and relocated to Ramallah. All the posters in the exhibit were created by Polish artists who painted them on large wooden boards. They are currently housed in a cultural center in Ramallah. The artists of Zan Studio heard about the Polish posters and their imperfect storage environment and over a period of several months they hand-scanned them to create the digital record of the exhibit presented here.

This exhibit had several major themes:

1) The twenty-fifth anniversary of the founding of Fatah

2) The second anniversary of the intifada

3) The first anniversary of the proclamation of the Palestinian state

All these events took place in 1989