40 Years of Cooperation

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Arabic/Hebrew translation: 40 years of cooperationfrom the Israeli Defense Force with lovemilitary parade of the Nahal Band (the army troupe that comes out of the pioneering infantry unit, the most famous and oldest of the army entertainment troupes in Israel)fireworks showhost: Yehoram Gaon (a famous singer and actor, whose height of popularity was the 60s and 70s)Al-Muqata'aa Square, Ramallah 12pm 6/6/2007Curator's note: this is a satirical poster parodying the Israeli governments' efforts to portray its impact on Palestinian life in the Occupied Territories as a something benign or even positive by labeling it "cooperation"inside the ring box is a gold plated "zip tie", the disposable plastic handcuff used by the Israeli police and military to detain Palestinian civilians