A Happy Woman

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From "This Week In Palestine", November, 2004:

A Happy Woman

A Palestinian National Theatre production Supported by NORAD

Written by Dario Fo & Franka Rama

Translated by Majed Al-Khateeb

Designed & Directed by Kamel Pasha

Starring: Nesreen Fa’oor

Lighting: Ramzi Al-Sheikh Qasem

Set Design: Imad Samara

Music Consultant: Reem Talhami

“No, I am not complaining! I feel at my best in my small apartment… I have everything I want. My husband treats me like a queen, and I have nothing missing... I have every… Oh, my God, I have… a refrigerator… yes, I know that refrigerators have become common… but mine makes round ice cubes! I have a washing machine with 24 different programme settings, and a dryer. You have to see for yourself how it dries the clothes! ... Sometimes I have to wet them again in order to be able to iron them because they come out bone-dry… I have non-stick pots and pans… Every room is fully furnished… and there is music in every room… So what more do I need in this life I am only a woman! Yes, I did have a maid… but she ran away… I hired another one, but she also ran away… All women run away from my home… What … Oh no, not because of me!”

The play will be shown at the Al-Kasaba Theatre in Ramallah on November 4th and 5th and at the Palestinian National Theatre in Jerusalem on November 24th.