A Parallel Timeline

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A Parallel Time controversy

During 2014, the theater started running the play "A Parallel Time" based on the life of an Arab citizen of Israel, Walid Daka. Daka is a prisoner serving a life sentence, who was convicted of being part of the group that abducted and killed Israeli soldier Moshe Tamam, though he denies it and says that he is a pacifist. Following a protest by bereaved families, local public figures and others, Haifa Municipality decided to freeze the funding for the theater and to establish a committee to examine further steps. Since the show started running, about 900 students in Junior year and Twelfth grade had watched the show. Education Minister Naftali Bennett convened the National Cultural Cart Committee to examine the cancellation of further show orders. On June 8, 2015 the Culture Committee unanimously decided not to remove the show from the National Cultural Cart funding, however, the minister used his authority to order its removal and the show had been removed from the Culture Cart.