A Star Is Born

Translation / Interpretation / Caption Text

Hebrew translation: (text in yellow) A star is born

(text in white): and to think that just a moment ago we didn't know him and already he has enraptured the entire worldwhat can you say? he's hot, he's charismatic, and he wants things to be good for us heretrue, in the bottom line he is promoting old ideas like two states and freezing settlementsbut he's doing it so well that you simply want to shout: two states—yes we can!!!

Sighting: Tel Aviv, Israel, 2009

Curator's note: the posters in this series, entitled, "Isreal-ity" were published and exhibited publicly by Peace Now

the name of the exhibit, as well as its content, is a take-off on the concept of the "reality" TV genre and is meant to convey a more honest and gritty sense of life in Israel than is often found in traditional, gallery or museum sponsored poster exhibits