A Victory for the Palestinian People - Color Version

Translation / Interpretation / Caption Text

Text: A victory for the Palestinian people - a victory for the people of the world

Curator's note: this may be the first-ever US published Palestine solidarity poster


This image was used to advertise a 52-minute black and white film entitled
“Revolution Until Victory” that came out in 1973 from Single Spark Films. 

Single Spark Films emerged out of the film production company called
California Newsreel, after the group split up. Single Spark Films was associated
with a Marxist group in the San Francisco Bay area called the Bay Area
Revolutionary Union. 

The photo might, MIGHT have been taken by noted
photographer and Palestine activist Jeff Blankfort in Jordan's Schneller
refugee Camp when he was a photographer working with Liberation News Service
in Jordan in 1970-71.

Submitted by: 

Michael R. Fischbach, Ph.D.
Professor of History
Randolph-Macon College