A Warrior Bound For Palestine

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A Warrior Bound for Palestine lyrics:

A warrior bound for Palestine

Ere arming for the war,

Knelt low before Saint Mary's shrine

It was the young Dunois;

"Great Queen," so ran that warrior's pray'r,

"Oh! grant the boon I crave.

That I, who love the fairest fair,

Prove bravest of the brave."

Upon that sacred shrine he trac'd

His fealty with his sword,

Then flew to join with eager haste

The standard of his Lord.

And aye his cry was heard where'er

Its folds were seen to wave,

"True love to her the fairest fair!

And glory to the brave!"

"To you I owe the victory

Dunois," exclaimed his Lord,

"And now, brave youth, my task shall be

Such valour to reward:

Young Isabel, my pride, my care,

As guerdon thou shalt have;

For well deserves the fairest fair

The bravest of the brave."

And now, return'd from Palestine,

Dunois receiv'd with pride

Before Saint Mary's sacred shrine,

His young and peerless bride:

While from the thousand voices there

Burst forth from Quire and Nave,

"Alone should wed the fairest fair,

The bravest of the brave."

Composer: The Queen Hortense

Lyricist: The Queen Hortense (English translation by W. H. Bellamy)





Circa 1914


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