At the End Turn Right - Against the Spirit

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Title: Against the SpiritInspiration: On May 2010 Professor Noam Chomsky, a renowned linguist and critic of Israeli policy in the occupied territories, was denied entry into the occupied territories. The Ministry of Internal Affairs confirmed that the decision was theirs and within the bounds of the ministry’s jurisdiction. In an interview following the incident, Chomsky mentioned that he was told that the government does not approve of his opinions and of the fact that he chose to visit Bir Zeit University instead of an Israeli university.

______________________This [series] is my senior project in visual communication studies in Holon Institute of Technology (HIT) instructed by Judith Asher.
This project criticizes my country's current government's anti-democratic direction in the past two years. It is a series of illustrations that show an apocalyptic future scenario, in order to provoke and raise questions among Israelis about the direction the country is going. The text under each drawing is an example of something that has happened recently, that demonstrates the project's message.Sivan Hurwitz

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The name of the author on the book is David Grossman, one of Israel’s most renowned authors and a vocal peacenik who frequently speaks out against government policies. The typically Tel Aviv-style street is named Marzel, for extremist settler movement leader Baruch Marzel, a disciple of the late Meir Kahane. The tall building in the background is Tel Aviv’s Shalom (Peace) Tower, once the tallest building in Israel.