At the End Turn Right - Internal Security

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Title: Internal SecurityInspiration:

Following the publication of the Goldstone Committee's conclusions, that accuse both Israel and Hamas of war crimes,
the "Im Tirtzu" movement launched a media campaign that presents Human Rights organizations as collaborators with the enemy. The movement published a report claiming that most of the convictive testimonies comprising Goldstone's report originate in various Israeli Human Rights organizations. What followed in May 2010 was a legislative bill that proposed the delegitimization of all Israeli organizations and associations providing information to foreign authorities in order to bring military officers and politicians suspected of committing war crimes to justice.______________________This [series] is my senior project in visual communication studies in Holon Institute of Technology (HIT) instructed by Judith Asher.
This project criticizes my country's current government's anti-democratic direction in the past two years. It is a series of illustrations that show an apocalyptic future scenario, in order to provoke and raise questions among Israelis about the direction the country is going. The text under each drawing is an example of something that has happened recently, that demonstrates the project's message.Sivan Hurwitz

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The scene is set on a recognizable corner of Rothschild Boulevard, in front of a building called the Levin House, which was the Soviet embassy in the 1950s. The paramilitary police beating the man with the leaflets are called Yasam; they are frequently deployed to break up political demonstrations in East Jerusalem and the occupied West Bank, and have come under criticism for employing excessively violent tactics. The notices on the pillar include one that is a “Wanted” sign for Yossi Sarid, a former left-wing political leader who is now a columnist for Haaretz. Other notices are for a workshop in shooting, a call for volunteers to join a new settlement and a reminder: “the state is for you; be loyal to it.” The fliers scattered on the pavement are from Amnesty Israel.Source: