Aweeha - A Play

Translation/Interpretation/Caption Text: 

Sighting: Near the Maqata'a - Ramallah, Palestine - June, 2012

Al-Seerah Theatre presents Aweeha

A play written and directed by Radi D. Shehadeh

Curator's note: "Aweeha" is a sound, not a word or verb. It is usually articulated in a loud, sing-song way as the beginning of the traditional Arab "mawwal" (موال ) which are short poems popular at festive occasions such as weddings

An example of one popular mawwal:

Aweeeeeha! (verse sung out loud by a group of women in Arabic)

And the bride is so beautiful

Aweeeeeha! (chorus)

And her groom is the son of a good family

Courtesy of Amal A.