Bath Soap - Made In Palestine

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Rudi Deutch (Dayan) - Born in 1908, studied art in Munich and started a career as a graphic designer. Moved to Eretz Yisrael in 1932 and managed a graphic studio in Tel Aviv. In 1935 he established the Graphic Designers Union and headed it.

In 1937 he was summoned by Yossef Budko to run the department of graphic design in the "New Bezalel", and contributed to the development of this department which became a central one and the largest amongst "New Bezalel" departments. Rudi Deutch served as the head of this department until 1965.

As a designer his concept was to see the graphic product as a combination of four elements: composition, color, symbolism and idea. In addition, he saw the importance of the relation between practical graphics and the land, the people and the street where the posters are exhibited.

Source: Gideon Ofrat - "The New Bezalel, 1935-1955"