Battle of the Shale Stones

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The martyrs of the Ministry of the Interior and National Security (who died) in the Battle of the Shale Stones


On November 14th 2012 the Israelis assassinated Ahmed Jabari, a prominent Hamas member, in a Gaza street. Hamas responded by launching hundreds of rockets from Gaza into Israel and called this bombardment 'The Battle of the Shale Stones' because the rockets falling on Israel created the same fear among the Israelis as the fear created in the Elephant Army when they were attacked from the air by the birds.



Curator's Note: The "Battle of the Shale Stones" refers to The Surat of the Elephant:

"Next morning Abrahah prepared to enter Mecca, but his special elephant, Mahmud, which was in the forefront, knelt down. It was beaten with iron bars, goaded, even scarified, but it would not get up. When they made it face south, north, or east, it would immediately start off, but as soon as they directed it towards Mecca, it knelt down. In the meantime swarms of birds appeared carrying stones in their beaks and claws and showered these on the troops. Whoever was hit would start disintegrating. According to Muhammad bin Ishaq and Ikrimah, this was smallpox, which was seen in Arabia for the first time in that year.

Source: Wikipedia

The Surat of the Elephant