Che-Leila Youth Brigades

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"‘Che-Leila’ Youth Brigades
Launched in Occupied Ramallah
"Love the people, serve them and become a part of them"
(Leila Khaled’s Autobiography ‘My People Shall Live’)
Founded in Ramallah, Palestine, April 5th 2002
Why the launch of Che-Leila?

"Che-Leila is a non party-affiliated organisation in Britain that will provide support to the international movements who are fighting imperialism, which is the source of poverty, hunger, destitution and humiliation in oppressed peoples’ countries. It is unlike any other organisation in Britain as it seeks to concretely support those civil mass organisations of people who are seeing to the peoples basic human needs under imperialist exploitation and oppression. It has been too long in Britain that people have not been supported because a section of British people have been corrupted by the same system that they claim to fight. In Ramallah, we are meeting many peoples organisations who are arrogantly dismissed by these people in Britain. They are doing revolutionary work, and we as revolutionaries in the heartland of British Imperialism are duty bound to do our utmost to support them."Source: