Communist Israel

Translation / Interpretation / Caption Text

An idea for a poster I got after looking at a few flags from the user YamaLama1986 
The poster is supposed to be for an alternate history where Stalin managed to make Israel into a communist "satellite" or at least a point of influence for the USSR. He did this by funding the Communist Party of Israel, Maki. And after a large victory in the elections the new government began rekindling relations with the Arabs. With military support from the USSR Israelis and Arabs kick out Arab rebels wanting to start war and the nation was united. Not as a Jewish nor a Muslim state. But rather a secular socialist state. With that the flag of the nation was changed to that of a white dove in a blue box representing peace, and on a white flag once again representing peace
The phrase below is: "Workers of the World Unite!" in Hebrew and Arabic. Above is the symbol of the party Maki in both Arabic and Hebrew. The train represents forward progress, to the left you can see Temple Mount, and to the right you can see an oil tower and factory to represent industry