Cyclamen of the Mountains - JNF Landscape and Homeland Series





10" x 14"


Circa 1960


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Additional Comments: DESCRIPTION : Up for sale is a poprtfolio of 12 magnificent artistic Eretz Israel paintings-Illustrations which were created by the Jewish Eretz Israeli artist of Polish origin ( Lwow, Lvov, Lviv, Lemberg ) Joel ( Yoel ) Rohr and published in the late 1950's or early-mid 1960 by the KK - JNF ( Keren Kayemet Le'Israel - Jewish National Fund ). The ART PORTFOLIO is named "Nof Umoledet" ( Landscape and Homeland ) . Title in YIDDISH , English, French, Spanish and Hebrew . captions in English and Hebrew. Portfolio of reproductions of the artist's works (chiefly charcoal drawings and watercolors), depicting life in the newly formed state of Israel. Originaly wrapped as issued in a large-format brown envelope (with title on upper panel). Date of publishing is ca late 1950's up to early-mid 1960's. "Issued by the Jewish National Fund" (upper wrapper). Scarce in any condition. Illustrator Rohr, Joel (illustrator); 8 Color & 4 b/w Illustrations / Plates; 1 b/w Illustration (upper cover) . Separate leaves . Unbound. Printed on one face ponly of stock sheets. Ideal for framing. Illustrated envelope. 12 separate leaves. 10" x 14". Excellent pristine condition. ( Pls look at scan for accurate AS IS images ) . Will be sent flat in a special protective rigid sealed envelope.