Das Ist Das Land

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German translation:

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The wonders of modern Palestine

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That is the country (title of movie)

50 years of Palestine

Director: B. Agadati


Kaushansky [Agadati] returned to Russia during the First World War and took the name Agadati. After Agadati's return to Palestine in 1919, he began to give solo dance recitals and became one of the pioneers of cinema in Israel. Agadati purchased cinematographer Yaakov Ben Dov's film archives in 1934, when Ben Dov retired from filmmaking. He and his brother Yitzhak used it to start the AGA Newsreel. He directed the early Zionist film entitled This is the Land (1935), the first Hebrew speaking film, and a new version in 1963, called "Tomorrow's Yesterday."

Source: Wikipedia