Drop By Drop Erodes the Rock

Translation/Interpretation/Caption Text: 

Arabic translation: Drop by drop erodes the rock

Artists' Statement:

In this series of posters actual press images were reworked as either linoleum print or scratchboard illustrations. Each poster contains images of despair mixed with symbols of hope and resistance. Corporations profiting from the occupation of Palestine are listed based on their references in the image. A Lebanese proverb is coupled with the image to show solidarity with the Palestinian people. Square kufi was chosen for its bold quality but also its link to the historical representation of the local language. English and Arabic are used expressly to speak to either the colonized or the colonizer. This is in contrast to much printed matter in Lebanon which is bilingual as a “service” to the colonizers and compradors, French and Anglo-Saxon. This image reflects an actual event in which Palestinians pulled down sections of the wall. It is montaged with actual graffiti on the wall that shows the masjid qubbat as- sakhrah, the Dome of the Rock. Other signs of resistance pictured include the kufiyeh, the flag, the olive tree. The “listing” of elements in this image reads: “Ladder, rope, graffiti, bare hands.”

Concept, research, calligraphy, typography, layout, and poster manifestation reflect the collaborative efforts of the "Boycott, Divest, Sanction" project group of Jamaa al-Yad