Elevate the Dignity of Labor

Translation/Interpretation/Caption Text: 

From the Bernard Museum of Judaica - Justify Your Existence exhibit catalog:

Land of Israel Workers’ Fund

Signed in Hebrew S.T. ‘Hatov’ and Z. H.
Palestine, 1930

The Land of Israel Workers’ Fund was established in 1909 to encourage immigration and to provide training programs to help newcomers establish themselves economically, socially, and culturally. By 1930, the fund had been incorporated under the umbrella of the Histadrut.

The first day of May was designated as International Workers’ Day in 1889, at the Socialist gathering in Paris known as the First Congress of the Second International. May Day was chosen to commemorate the deaths of workers during the Haymarket Massacre in Chicago in 1886. Within a few decades, workers in dozens of countries around the world marked the day with celebrations of labor as well as demonstrations to promote workers’ rights.

Translation from Hebrew:
Land of Israel Workers’ Fund
Workers, for May Day, donate money to your fund—elevate the dignity of labor
Thursday May 1, 1930
Our banner.