Exile - Enslavement - Liberty


Exile – Enslavement – Liberty

This poster depicts three allegorical illustrations (upper right to lower left): 

(Galut = Exile) - the hand of an SS soldier is shown whipping Jews, human skeletons, with a swastika flag in the background;

(Shiabud = Enslavement) - the hand of a British soldier initialed with the letters CID (Committee of Imperial Defence) is seen whipping Holocaust survivors, with a British flag in the background;

(Herut = Liberty) - a Jewish fighter is holding a sword after having shed the chains that bound him, emerging from a map of Greater Eretz Israel.

Texts in Hebrew and Yiddish on the right margins: speech of Bar Kochba to his people, the testament of Shimshon and the testament of the Maccabees.

Provenance: Rimon Family Collection.