Flying the Flag: Aviation and Its Significance in Israel and Palestine

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Curator's note:  This paper is featured here with the permission of the author, Samantha Brotman. If you would like to link to this work or quote it, please credit the author. Course description: Graduate level course titled "Palestinian Culture and Society" focused on the cultures, communities, and societies that Palestinians have developed over the last century. Subjects addressed included Palestinian identity from late Ottoman times to the present, political activism, refugee movements, class (elite, urban, peasant, etc), secularism and religiosity, resistance, adaptations to political systems, cultural productions, and literature and poetry. This project is from the assignment that was to choose a theme and create a digital exhibit around that theme drawing from the Palestine Poster Project Archives ( Each student curated an exhibit (digitally using Omeka) that featured a substantial background/history introduction, material on the theme/topic, and information and analysis for each poster, etc.