Free Rasmea - Canary Mission

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On November 17, 2014, SFP members hung posters at Oberlin calling to "Free Rasmea Odeh and All Political Prisoners." X addressed other SFP members, who rallied around one of the banners.




We reject the notion, propagated by Canary Mission and similar organizations, that there is anything shameful, hateful, or anti-Semitic about organizing for Palestinian rights on campus. Antisemitism and criticism of Israel are not the same, and Canary Mission targets students and faculty because they criticize Israel – not because they have expressed anti-Jewish bias. We especially emphasize that labeling support for the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement as “pro-terrorist” is a false assertion. And we commend the brave and principled students and faculty who continue to organize in the face of intimidation and repression.

Established in spring 2015, Canary Mission is a shadowy anonymous website designed to threaten the academic and professional careers of college students and faculty who publicly advocate for Palestinian human rights and an end to Israeli occupation. A cyber-bullying operation, Canary Mission volunteers and staff scour the social media accounts of activists for statements supporting Palestinian rights, which they then use to levy false and misleading accusations that the activists ‘support terrorists’ or ‘are inciting Jew-hatred’ on campuses.