Freestyle Wrestling

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Issued by Balalin Troupe, this poster promotes their production "Muṣāraʿa Ḥurra (Freestyle wrestling) 

Theater Family Troupe was formed in Ramallah in 1970; it later became Balalin Troupe, with the help of 40 artists including ʿĀdel at-Tartīr, François abū Sālem, Muṣṭafa al-Kurd, Emile ʿAshrāwy, and Vīrā Tamāry

In 1973, the Balalin Troupe was split to form two troupes, the original  Balalin Troupe and the new Bi La Lin Troupe

Note: These two names are a play on words: Balalin is the plural term for "balloons" while the similar-sounding but different name Bi La Lin means "without leniency"

Both troupes shut down two years later to make way for a fourth troupe - Sunduq al-Ajab (Wonder Box)

Source: Palestinian Museum