From Tiny Farms

Translation / Interpretation / Caption Text

Yiddish translation:

From tiny farms to mighty collective farms!


The poster - “Fun breklekh virtshaftn tsu mekhtike kolvirtn,” in original Yiddish - depicts a group of Jewish, Ukrainian, and Caucasian farmers moving from the miserable black and white world of the past, with broken huts and medieval agriculture, to the colorful and bright world of the future, with agricultural machines, industrial farming facilities, and nice-looking homes. A part of the propaganda campaign rallying support for the Collectivization, 1928-1937, a policy aimed at liquidation of private sector in agriculture and introduction of large state-controlled collective farms (kolkhozy) in the USSR. Published by Tsenroizdat (Central Publishing House for the USSR Peoples, 1924-1931) in the late 1920s-early 1930s in Moscow. Print run 2,000 copies. Price 25 kopeks.


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