Gaza, Comme un Guernica Télévisé

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Artists' Statement
Mathieu Colloghan dedicates this work to the Artists for Palestine campaign:

"This painting - oil on canvas, 130X100 - could be called "Gaza, like a televised Guernica".
There are these figures in black and white, which were displayed in the pages of the magazine Regards depicting the martyrdom of the city of Guernica. Those faces in tears, this city pulverized. Among the crumbs of Guernica, old men with caps, old women in black and horses that seemed so archaic faced`1 the modernity of the fascist bombing. And, above all, stunning, this historical turn of Franco's military strategy: knowingly, it was not Franco's intention to destroy the republican army. The bombing targeted civilians. Women and children. Old, young. Horses, buildings. Blindly. To destroy everything. Spray everything. The act of war in what is most barbarous, unjust, infamous. Picasso had seized it, that moment of barbarism suspended. I am not Picasso and my painting, by quoting his famous "Guernica" is only humbly paying homage to him. For I can not help drawing a parallel between the martyrdom of Guernica and what the Gazans still endure. The same violence against civilians, the same international passivity. The same stupefaction.
Yes. This painting is entitled "Gaza, like Guernica televised"

Mathieu Colloghan, painter and draftsman