GazaLove Mural - Al Walaja, Palestine

Translation/Interpretation/Caption Text: 

Gaza Love mural in Al Walaja, West Bank

Words by Rami Ibrahim 

Everyone back home in #Philadelphia know about the iconic pop art image #LOVE by the artist #RobertIndiana ... Well, today all of us with the #ExistenceIsResistance group went to a #Palestinian home that belongs to Omar Hajajeh. He and his home are a story very well known to many people around the world. His house is on the Palestinian territory but because #israel separated his home and land by their illegal wall, it put his land on the Palestinian side and left, or should I say MADE his home become part of the so called "israel" side. israeli government tried to get him to sell the house by giving him an open check, meaning whatever price he desired, they would give it to him if he would give up his home. The man, husband, and father of 3, was to loyal to #Palestine so he told the israeli government NO he won't sell his home or land. Because of that israeli government tried blowing up his home by putting dynamite near his land, locked him and his family in the house, hoping him and his family would just die when the house collapses, but when they detonated nothing happened to the house other than cracks on the building. After oppressing him for so long and then going to court many times, Omar succeeded in keeping his home and land. Until now israeli soldiers come by and try to cause fear, in fact today while we were there drawing this art piece the soldiers forced us to stop, and even aimed their guns at an 8 year old child for not leaving with us. When the israeli soldiers left, we continued. This art piece we painted today is on a wall going into a tunnel the Palestinian people made that goes under the ground and the wall israel built, in order to allow Omar and his family to get to their home. This art piece is made by the great #NewYork artist  #KyleGoen @kyledidthis when We finished I told him I'm going to post about it, and asked him what message would you like to pass to the world, and he said #GazaLove

Sent in by Kyle Goen