Gazze Afiş Sergisi - Denli

Translation / Interpretation / Caption Text

The title of this piece is Democracy Feast


Artist's statement:

In this study on Peace-War; The Peace and War situation was discussed and a black eagle carrying a sword was created in the spaces of an olive branch as another image, and an ambigramic poster with a negative space showing two contrasts was created.
Mankind has fought continuously since he came to earth. While disagreements between states generally arise from material interest, conflicts may arise among individuals for moral reasons. The war has advanced to the extent that people take away the right to life.
Peace is very important in terms of social life and inter-country relations; it is the reason for the existence of humanity.
The biggest reason to fight is the negative "ambition" feeling. Peace is a situation that can be protected no matter what. In order to be able to stay away from all kinds of evil that will spoil peace due to arbitrariness or greed, everyone must be strong; peace be dominant. Otherwise, human beings will continue to drift towards disaster.