Grateful To the Settlements

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Grateful to the settlements

In the upcoming days, when you hear right wingers everywhere cry against the release of prisoners, it is important to remember:

The Prime Minister had the choice to release prisoners or temporarily freeze construction in the settlements.

(yellow text)

Netanyahu knew that the right will not ever agree to stop, even for a moment, the construction of settlements - and therefore chose to release more than a hundred prisoners with blood on their hands.


Translation courtesy of Dar Loar


"It is most unfortunate that Sixty One, a think tank which aspires to lead the peace and human rights camp in Israel, has chosen the path of populism and de-humanization towards Palestinians. According to Sixty One, the release of Palestinian prisoners by Netanyahu shows that:

"[politically he] is being held hostage by people who care more about building a new neighborhood in the territories than about the security of Israeli citizens.

Sixty One drive home their point with great drama, adding: "In other words, you may come home in a coffin, but they [the settlers] will have Samaria".

[Context: Freezing settlement construction was an alternative goodwill gesture proposed by Kerry; Netanyahu chose the release of prisoners]


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