Hail the Aircraft Snipers

Translation / Interpretation / Caption Text

Arabic translation:

Hail the (anti) aircraft snipers (hunters)


Another example is the famous Palestinian artist Mustafa Al-Hallaj's poster of "Hail the Anti-Aircraft Snipers" (1971). In it the artist avoids his usual style of symbolic metaphorical composition that characterizes his photographic works and wooden engravings. Instead Al-Hallaj resorts here to direct realism on the expressive level, while artistically uses his main favorite technique of silhouettes composition as the black ink drawings seem similar to a wooden engraving with respect to area distribution. As for the topic, it is very clear and simple: it represents a group of fighters successfully firing their missiles at a helicopter that is falling to the ground.

Source: "The Palestinian Poster", by Dr. Shafiq Radwan