Hawks of Return

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Arabic translation:

(black text)

From the heart of the tent and the night of those who are exiled

From the humiliation of standing at the door of the Tamween*

We sparked our revolution. And on its path we walked

And the reins of our cause 

Are in our hands

And we spread the blood and we cross

With the sun of sixty-five

Lyrics from a song by: Mohammad Haseeb Alqadi


 This refers to the food packages distributed by UNRWA to refugees


من قلب الخيمة وليل المنفيين

من ذل الوقفة على باب التموين

فجرنا ثورتنا وعلى دربها مشينا

وزمام قضيتنا هيو بايدينا

وفرشنا الدم وعدينا

مع شمس الخمسة والستين