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This brings us back to the oft-quoted biblical promise and the system of myths it engendered, which call on Jews to "conquer the land with their feet" and get to know it, for when the day comes and Jewish-Israeli sovereignty is realized, it shall be given to them. This notion is nicely demonstrated in this poster which urges the Jews in Palestine to visit local tourist sites instead of traveling abroad, and thereby strengthen the local economy. It speaks of "salubrious spots", wonderful views", and "tranquility" - modern Western notions that had not yet gained currency in Palestine and the neighboring countries in that period. 

It clearly attempts to market the land as a place of health and beauty in addition to its being the Holy Land. The lengthy text is broken up into three blocks which are distinguished by means of distinct fonts and three sub-captions ("Jews", "Hebrew Tourists", and "Remember"). The poster is signed by the Center for Home Produce, founded in 1935 by the Jewish National Council.

The center led the national campaign for local (Jewish) produce, which gained momentum mainly from the early 1930's. Its activity, aimed at producers, merchants, and consumers alike, was one of the reactions of the Jewish Yishuv to Arab measures against its economy, which included both violence and boycotting of Jewish products. 


Tourism Posters in the Yishuv Era: Between Zionist Ideology and Commercial Language

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