Hidden Fire

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It invokes the memory of the 16 September 1982 massacre at the Sabra and Shatila refugee camp in West Beirut. In the early 1980s at a poolside gathering in southern Lebanon Jacob, a Jew of Lebanese extraction, is killed along with a number of his associates by a group of Israelis dressed as Palestinian combatants. Jacob's sister and his daughter Sara survive the attack. The Palestinian combatants realize the goal of the Israelis is to incite public opinion against their struggle so they expose the ones who are really behind the attack. After taking part in an unsuccessful terrorist operation against Abu Khalil and his son Abu Ali, Sara realizes her Israeli fiance designed and executed the plot to kill her father. Israeli soldiers retaliate and arrest a group of Palestinian leaders, including Abu Khalil. After this incident two Palestinian combatants wipe out the Israeli Command Staff in a suicide operation.