HOME Exhibition Poster

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The Home International Poster Project promotes dialogue through design by linking design students from schools all over the world to address the universal theme of 'Home'. The Project is comprised of a workshop and a travelling exhibition.

The concept of “Home” is universal and deep-rooted. We regard our national home or our physical home. Our childhood home has lasting effects upon us. We feel at home within our own culture to various degrees and visiting another culture we reflect upon our own. We love our home, we are ambivalent towards it …we go seeking greener pastures but rarely are we indifferent to it.

The following design academies have participated in the
Home Poster project.

• Süleyman Demirel University, Isparta, The Turkish Republic
• Holon Institute of technology, Israel
• J.E.Purkyne FUU&D Usti Nad Labem, The Czech Republic
• AFAD, Bratislava, The Slovak Republic
• West Bohemia University, Plzen, The Czech Republic
• WIZO Academy of Art & Design, Haifa, Israel

Would your school or design dept. like to participate in the project? Email us at: info@homeposters.org or call us at +972.54.7215335 and we will respond promptly.