If You're A Settler - You Don't Pay?

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Hebrew translation: If you're a settler, you don't pay?

Land in the settlement Mevo Horon - 0 tax
Land nearby, in the state of Israel - 30,000 NIS tax

State Comptroller's report reveals that most settlements have forgotten to pay taxes on lands for years now. Oops. While ordinary citizens are being crushed under increasing housing rates their brethren in the settlements grant themselves half a billion off in real estate taxes.(highlighted text)

We call on the Ministry of Finance to correct this injustice and to collect the tax retroactively without any further delays. For example, income tax can cancel the increase parents' payments to subsidize schools or after-school programs for the children of Israel. It's time to inform the settlements that Zionism includes payment of taxes by law.

Call for immediate tax collection._______________________Translation courtesy of Dar Laor