I'm Building A Palace In Palestine

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I'm Building A Palace In Palestine lyrics:

My thoughts are turning over the sea

To Palestine, sweet Alice mine

My heart is yearning once more to be

Among the flowers in that land of ours--

Beautiful girl of my dreams, dear

Somehow or other it seems, dear.


I'm building a palace in Palestine,

A beautiful palace for you

(just for you, you know I love you true)

Where we can live when we grow old,

Where we can love till the desert sands grow cold,

There in a garden of roses

I will be faithful and true,

That's why I'm building, sweet Alice, a beautiful palace

In Palestine, sweet gal o' mine,

For you, for you.

There'll be no sorrow, there'll be no pain

In Palestine, sweet Alice mine,

Dreams of tomorrow that seemed in vain

Sweetheart, for you dear, they shall all come true dear

Sometime though May's like December

Through darkest days, just remember.