In Search of Omar al-Khayyam - 1

Translation/Interpretation/Caption Text: 

A black-and-white poster published to promote El-Hakawati Theatre Company's production "Riḥlat al-Baḥth ʿan ʿUmar al-Khayyām" [In Search of Omar al-Khayyam] in France. The play resurrects historical figures from the Arab collective memory and places them in a conversation that sheds light on contemporary political reality. Directed by François abu Sālem, the cast of the play includes ʿĀmer Khalīl, Nabīl al-Ḥajjār, Yaʿqūb abu ʿArafa, Ṭāher Maḥāmīd, Akram Tillāwy, and Bushra Qarmān with the help of French actors.

Source: The Palestinian Museum