Israeli Apartheid Week Exhibit - 2013 - American University of Beirut

Translation / Interpretation / Caption Text

Student's Statement:As a part of Israeli Apartheid Week this year, we did a poster exhibition featuring PLO posters from 1964 until today trying to show the shift in the PLO orientation from liberation-based to state-building. We used several images from the PPPA collection. It wasn't until we told Hafez Omar, who also participated in the week that we realize we could have obtained the images in high resolution (which would have been ideal). But due to the time constraints we used the website quality. We accompanied the exhibition with a description, as well as captions (most of them found on the website), and arranged them in chronological order. This exhibition accompanied a lecture by Dr. Seif Dana from the University of Wisconsin about the transformation of the political elite in Palestine and what we would like to call the complicity of PLO in maintaining oppression in PalestineSource: Palestinian Cultural Club (AUB)