Judea and Samaria - The Nightmare of Every Jew

Translation / Interpretation / Caption Text

"In a 2008 adbust of a government campaign encouraging settlement in Judea and Samaria, Sandy changed the text from ―Judea and Samaria – the Story of Every Jew into ― Judea and Samaria – the Nightmare of Every Jew and painted Hitler mustaches onto the faces of the children chosen to represent the diversity of Jews who could become settlers. The provocative reference to the Nazi regime incited angry reactions from Jews who failed to see the hypocrisy of a Jewish master-narrative, and read the Hitler mustaches as both insensitive to Holocaust survivors as well as anti-Semitic. Sandy explains the underlying meaning of the poster. 'I think values aren‘t sacred forever...We always have to be critical of our own values, to check again if they are still valid.' Though he expresses pessimism about Israeli values, he continues working because, 'as long as I‘m here I have to do something. I can‘t feel like I‘m doing nothing.'"Source: "Peace, Politics and PostZionism: Contemporary Left-Wing Graphic Design in Israel" by Bareket Kezwer