Kufia 2002 - Tamari


Artist's Statement:

The theme of women was predominant in my early ceramic relief works. It portrayed Palestinian women in their traditional roles as mothers, harvesters, craft-makers, olive pickers, toilers of the earth then… earth itself, the undivided image of Palestine as mother earth. Deeply rooted, resilient, combatant the figurative representation of women became laden with symbolic/political significance.

Now as I daily watch and live the repeated narrative of loss, I see scene after scene of women huddled together on their threshold, a silent lament in their throats, a brave determination in their eyes. They wait to sing the wedding song- not for the nuptial feast but for the celebration of the allegorical passage of their sons and daughters. Mother of the martyr sing in jubilation for all the young men are your sons (chant at martyrs’ funerals).

In my painting for Kufia I try to depict the poignant endurance of those mothers, sisters, wives and lovers who bear their sorrow proudly and defiantly. Kufia’s present initiative like its previous initiative in 1989, takes the form of a genuine visual message from Italian, Palestinian and international artists to the world, echoing their common concern and strong belief in finding peace, justice and liberty for the Palestinians. I am proud to be joining this initiative, sharing my dreams and visions gives me hope and trust in a better future and perhaps a better world.

Vera Tamari

Title: Mothers of the Martyr- II
Year: 2002
Medium: Collage- ink, crayons on paper





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