La Torture des Enfants

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Sighting: Lyon, France - 2021


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Lyon - This Saturday morning, several residents were surprised by a new campaign of savage anti-Israel propaganda and in the glory of Palestine. Several panels belonging to the JC Decaux company were opened by a group of individuals.

They replaced the classic display with a poster on which one can see photos of mutilated persons followed by the message "the torture of Palestinian children by the Israeli occupation".

The confusion was such that, according to our information, several Lyonnais called the town hall of the 6th arrondissement to find out if it was an official campaign by the City of Lyon. It must be said that the operating mode seems particularly effective: opening a JC Decaux billboard is not easy and the posted posters are the perfect size.

So very quickly, technicians proceeded to remove these messages this Saturday. However, others are said to have appeared shortly after.