Land for the Remnants

Translation/Interpretation/Caption Text: 

Poster printed by the Jewish National Fund in the framework of the project "Land for the Remnants of the Jewish people," a project established in 1942 in light of rumors regarding the events transpiring in Europe at the time. It was a campaign to encourage the Jewish population in Palestine to assist the JNF in purchasing as much land as possible, so as to prepare the country for the absorption and settlement of large waves of Jewish refugees escaping Nazi persecution.

The poster was meant to be displayed in schools across the country. Most of the sheet is dedicated to a table to be filled in by staff and students, giving the name of the institution, the number of its students, the estimated sum of money it was pledging to collect in the course of the year, and the actual amount collected thus far by each class, month after month, within the framework of pledged monthly donations as well as under the category of "special projects."